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Hi there! Here at Elite Physiotherapy we specialise in neck and back pain; anything from sciatica to spinal stiffness to headaches. We work with business men and women, musicians and athletes, children and parents……this could be one-on-one or in a group in either a treatment capacity or an educational capacity. We want to show you how to maintain and improve your body, specifically your muscular system and give you the knowledge and confidence to fix your own body.

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    Jenn Honan reviewing Elite Physiotherapy - Review Patient

    February 2020

    Kathy is excellent! She addressed my questions and spent time working on my problem areas. She uses an online system to provide exercise programmes, which I find extremely useful and helps me not only to remember to do the exercises, but the short videos reminds me what I need to do. It also means that she needs to spend less time showing me how to do them and can do more hands on work on my back, etc. Thank you!

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    Peter McHugh reviewing Elite Physiotherapy - New Patient

    January 2020

    Kathy was brilliant from start to finish, she got to know my (many) injuries and worked on the route cause of the issue. She then gave hands on physio to help loosen up the injury and finally gave some advice on what I should do next! Would definitely recommend to anyone.

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    Angela Runaghan reviewing Elite Physiotherapy - Review Patient

    November 2019

    Kathy is brilliant and every appointment I feel Im nearer to where I want to be....

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    Angela Runaghan reviewing Elite Physiotherapy - New Patient

    October 2019

    Kathy really listened and instantly knew my injury. The treatment was spot on and felt a release as she worked on me. So delighted that my issue is on its way to recovery.....would highly recommend Kathy

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    Rachel McBride reviewing Elite Physiotherapy - Review Patient

    July 2019

    Kathy is literally amazing! I have been dealing with severe neck, back and shoulder pain for 2 years now to the point that it was affecting my way of life. I was recommended Kathy by a friend and from her treating me I am finally starting to see improvements and a reduction in pain that I can finally live a normal life again! I can't thank her enough!

  • July 2019

    Very friendly and knowledgable. Great work on my back, and I'll be booking to help with an old elbow injury

  • Review By

    Rebecca Corish reviewing Elite Physiotherapy - Sports Massage

    May 2019

    Kathy provides a helpful and professional service today to relive my neck pain. I will definitely recommend her services to others. Thanks.

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    Robert M McClay reviewing Elite Physiotherapy - New Patient

    November 2018

    I had a very good experience with Kathy. She took very good care of me. And explained everything clearly. Do recommend!